My implementation of the QRP-Tech list's
Project 000

I chose to build the W7ZOI simple IC-based direct conversion receiver as my first homebrew RF project. Since there are only two chips and a few passives, I also took the opportunity to do a surface mount single-sided layout, and I think it'll fit in an altoids case. Will update when I eat some...

I ended up using some film trimmer caps since I was already ordering some for another project, you may want to use air-variables as they will be easier to wire and probably easier to tune the radio in use. I also had to remove the 33pF capacitor in the NE602 LO tank circuit, probably I had an extra turn on the inductor or just too much stray capacitance in my layout.

You can download the BoM I used: here. The only parts not available from Digi-Key are the toroids, I got them from Diz, The Toroid King - can't recommend him highly enough. Schematics and board files for Eagle here.

Some photos from the build: