This is my humble home on the web. Very much a work in progress currently (Nov. 2013), I'm using middleman app along with twitter bootstrap to give myself a place to keep notes and pictures of my personal projects. Enjoy and let me know if you find errors or want more info about something.


I've taken Martein Bakker's parts lists for his H-mode receiver front-end and updated them to reflect recent parts available at DigiKey and other vendors. This is somewhat US-centric, but hopefully it may help others build up their boards.

Download them here »

SV650 Complete!

...at least for now. She's back on the road! GSX-R front-end, ZX-10R shock, lots of lathe work and some interesting bracket choices...

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Playing with Three.js

Some rough experiements. Mapping html and PDF to plane texture, then 3d graphs.

3js »