I have a background in electrical and computer engineering with a history of solving difficult problems in consumer devices. I use the term "consumer" loosely, as I have worked on various industrial and defense products which carry their own unique challenges.

I am interested in producing engaging and intuitive interactions with technology. Further, in order to be meaningfully engaged with a technology we must believe it is capable - this is the source of much of my interest in high performance computing.

Currently I'm working on making handling big data more natural, capable, and seamless with a small group at Talksum, Inc.

Previously, I worked with a very interesting group of really fantastic, imaginative people at Sensorstar LABS

Resume and contact:

...and obviously, peruse the site to see more of what I'm about...

By the way, the title of the site comes from a lyric by Count Bass D from a track called Potholderz. I like it.