Habits are hard, here’s some geometry

So I worked on a project last night, but didn’t get it where I wanted it due to tool issues (sure, blame it on the tools). That said, I’m writing up some notes on it so I can say A) I did a quick post for day 1 and B) show progress.

So here’s the geometry: Imagine you have a cuboid (rectangular prism, parallelpiped, etc.). Draw two diagonals such that the lower, starting point of the diagonals are on the same long face. The diagonals should bisect each other at the center of the cuboid.

Now, note the angle from horizontal (the plane the cuboid could be said to be sitting on) that the triangle formed by the two diagonals' starting points and their intersection point is at. (Yes, all of this would be much easier with a drawing, sorry, see tools above).

What happens to that angle as you bring the back of the cuboid toward the front?

That’s all for now. More to come tonight…