Updates on me, the site, maybe you!

Lots has happened since my last post here, and I thought it time to write a little bit describing the changes.

First and foremost, I’ve left Sensorstar LABS, NYC, and even the contiguous U.S. east of the rockies. Yes, I’ve moved to California. San Jose to be exact, and have a new group of cool cats I’m working with. Very exciting (for me).

I’ve almost got my lab all moved in, photos to come when I make something and prove to myself I’ve got everything put back together correctly. Living with two housemates has made quick work of my prior lack of furniture, which is nice. Now to get producing again …and it’s November. Sad Face.

Well, here’s the plan then, since I am in Sunny San Jose (they tell me it rains in the winter, but I’m gonna jinx myself since it really hasn’t yet) - I’m going to try and develop a productive habit while I’m still getting some Vitamin D.

21 Days to a Better You

Sounds familiar right? Wouldn’t be the first time, but a coworker suggested it and who am I to argue? So if it takes 21 days to create a habit, let’s make it a good one and start today. So I want to produce one thing a day, starting with these 21 days.

Now I need to lay some ground rules, because as with any task, it’s easy to cheat.

I really want to make something useful, meaningful, and constructive toward a larger personal goal. So, what kinds of things are we talking about?

  • Plans A really good detailed plan of attack takes non-trivial effort, and should qualify as a thing to produce.
  • Design This can be a dimensioned sketch all the way through a CAD drawing ready for production, but should be completed by the end of the day. A good example would be the vector drawing to laser cut a laptop stand, or a simple circuit that I designed and tested for integration to say, the hackable battery.
  • Code Some snippet of code that does something useful and builds towards something really cool. The wood database scrapyer code would have qualified.
  • Other Maybe something else, a piece of art (sculpture, poem, whatever) that enriches my space. Furniture or an addition to something. Written solutions to a Calculus or other problem I’m working on . I’m also including blog posts here even though it could be a cop-out. A blog by itself would have to be really detailed to qualify. Perhaps instructions or a quick how-to…

So what? Yeah, well, no one reads this anyway so it’s an exercise in self improvement. Wish me well. Additionally, I won’t feel accomplished unless I do a quick write-up about that day’s accomplishment. That should be the minimum item produced.

D. Logan. Signing off Day 0 of 21. Sunday November 3rd, 2013.