Today I witnessed a most amazing thing. Some would call it beureaucratic ineptitude, others, a passion for perfection.

Here’s the rundown: recently the elevated track near my office (The #7 MTA train) has been in the process of being replaced. When they need to do this, the MTA shuts down the streets around the area and uses the one you see in the photos for their staging area…

That is to say they pull the really big trucks in here and load and unload the track. Well, big trucks or small, they don’t like running over signs, and so they cut them down to get them out of the way, and bolt them back on when they’re done.

Apparently that’s not the DOT way, so today I witnessed the DOT correcting the discrepancy.

Two men with jackhammers and new sign posts came and removed the old signs, carefully relocated the attached bicycles, dug out the stump, and replaced and reconcreted new signposts as well as their respective cycles.