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A $100 Grid Charger/Pack Rebalancer

My super-simple wannabe plug-in hybrid.


I’m the proud owner of a 2006 Honda Insight. The 1st generation Insight was the first hybrid available for public sale in the US, and was also a pretty interesting design. It has covered rear wheels, the lowest Cd of any production car to date, and was made in the same factory as the NSX and S2000 with (supposedly) some of the same technology that made the NSX such an amazing handler (aluminum tub chassis).

Problem is, it’s 9 years old now, and the NiMH battery pack is on it’s way out. I’m

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Quick Notes on Toshiba UniPro LSI Bridges

Some back of the envelope calculations on the Toshiba UniPro AP and GP bridge chips.

What do we know?

Current implementation of the bridges is on Lattice ECP3 FPGAs, the one on the reference Wi-Fi module for instance (first one I opened in Altium) is the LFE3-17EA-8LMG328I-ND (digikey part #) - it’s a 17K LUT device with 116 I/O pins in a 10x10mm csBGA package. The csBGA from Lattice is a 0.5mm pitch package.

What else?

Shardul Kazi, SVP at Toshiba mentioned something to the effect of it will be smaller

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Diagonals - Day 1 on Day 2

Habits are hard, here’s some geometry

So I worked on a project last night, but didn’t get it where I wanted it due to tool issues (sure, blame it on the tools). That said, I’m writing up some notes on it so I can say A) I did a quick post for day 1 and B) show progress.

So here’s the geometry: Imagine you have a cuboid (rectangular prism, parallelpiped, etc.). Draw two diagonals such that the lower, starting point of the diagonals are on the same long face. The diagonals should bisect each other at the center of the cuboid.

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All Apologies...21 Days Intro

Updates on me, the site, maybe you!

Lots has happened since my last post here, and I thought it time to write a little bit describing the changes.

First and foremost, I’ve left Sensorstar LABS, NYC, and even the contiguous U.S. east of the rockies. Yes, I’ve moved to California. San Jose to be exact, and have a new group of cool cats I’m working with. Very exciting (for me).

I’ve almost got my lab all moved in, photos to come when I make something and prove to myself I’ve got everything put back together correctly. Living with two housemates has made quick work of my prior lack of furniture, which is nice. Now to get producing again …and it’s November. Sad Face.

Well, here’s the plan then, since I am in Sunny San Jose (they tell me it rains in the winter, but I’m gonna jinx myself since it really hasn’t yet) - I’m going to try and develop a productive habit while I’m still getting some Vitamin D.

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